Admit it... digital marketing is a huge headache.


If you're like most other biz owners I've met, I bet within the last week you've heard that voice in your head say something like "should I be doing more? Less? Different? New? Old? Where's my ROI?Insource? Outsource? Who can I trust? Am I doing things the hard way? Am I leaving money on the table? If I keep doing what I have been doing how am I going to meet this year's increasing sales goals? ARRGH I don't have time for this, I just want to do my thing!" And so on.

I totally get it... As a biz owner myself, I feel your pain when I have to do anything I'm not 100% awesome at. I've got to interrupt my plans, figure out who to call, take the time to explain my issue to 3 of the "experts" I find, get 3 different proposals, try to cut through the BS and technobabble I don't even want to understand, figure out which one is the "expert" I'll decide to trust first, call them and get on their waiting list, hope I don't have to micromanage them so they don't do a half#$% job...

The whole time I'm thinking "I wish I could focus all this energy on actually making money instead of dealing with this headache." And until the job is done, until I know I can trust them, in the back of my mind I'm still on edge, hoping nothing goes wrong, no last minute "surprise" delays or other "gotchas" to ruin my plans & get my blood pressure over my doc's legal limit.

Well, I got fed up with all that drama & decided to change the game.

My name is Daniel Yusi, tagboom is my digital marketing agency, and the BOOM Squad is my team of digital marketing superheroes who help celebrities, experts and businesses make millions on autopilot.

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The first time I told a biz owner about our "superhero power" that makes us totally opposite than literally every other marketing agency he'd used or even ever heard about, he laughed out loud so hard I reached for my phone in my pocket thinking I might have to call 911 if he didn't take a breath soon.

After what seemed like an eternity, my concern for his health turned into something much worse. I was petrified. I mean... You know that nervous smile and sweaty palms that come out when you don't get someone's joke, and then it sinks in that maybe it's because YOU just might be the punchline? Yep, that was me. Was he laughing AT me? Oh jeez look at the time, gotta run...

"What? A marketer that gets paid on actual results instead of empty promises? Now that's my kind of marketer!" were the next words out of his mouth.

Whew! My smile broadened into a huge grin from ear to ear. He wasn't laughing at me. He was laughing at how brilliantly simple and right on this concept was. He immediately saw how ridiculous it was to keep paying his existing marketing agency big $ fees for promises of results that "should happen." He was tired of hearing "it's like going to the gym, it takes time - you won't see results for at least 6 months but you need to keep paying us or else you'll lose everything you've built up so far." He decided right then that he was done doing business the "old way", sitting across the table with someone who wins when he loses. He wanted to do business the "new way" - sitting on the same side of the table with a partner, a teammate, a trusted advisor who only wins when he wins bigger.

Are you ready to play the totally new digital marketing game where you can't lose?


Here's how we get started

I didn't marry my wife on the first date. If you're married, I doubt you did either. We took it slow, got to know each other and worked up to many years of happily ever after. Some guy, smarter than me, said "good things come to those who wait." He was right.

When we meet a client we vibe with and who gets us, we start with what we call a "quick win"Within two weeks we'll know if it's a match made in heaven...or somewhere else.

1st, we'll figure out who your perfect buyer is and what one is worth to your biz. For free.

2nd, we'll do the hard work to attract them into your world. For free. You'll pay for the ads we run - typically less than $200ish. Almost always we'll start with targeted Facebook ads because all your perfect buyers are there, ready and waiting to bite your bait, if you know how to fish.

3rd, we'll optimize the ads to deliver the most "perfect buyer" leads for the least cost. For free.

4th, after 2 weeks we'll review the results together and have "the talk." If we're not both feeling "OMG I'm in luvvvv" then we'll just be friends, no hard feelings. If we both want to keep the sparks flying, you'll pay us for the results we deliver - either $ per lead (based on Customer Lifetime Value) or a % of gross sales we help generate. Now that we're both on the same team, we'll unload the big guns to get even more results. That will definitely include regular "anti-boring" emails to your audience to keep you on their mind and sell more stuff. There's so many other tools in the tool box but... do you ask the brain surgeon if you can inspect and approve of his scalpel collection before he gets started or do you let him do what he does best and enjoy the results? Thought so.

Does that sound more than fair?

You might be thinking "this sounds too good to be true, and I doubt I've lived that clean of a life. What's the catch?" There's no catchIt's on us to select clients we know we can win big withIt's on us to continuously prove that we deserve your business. No results for you means MY kids don't eat, not yours. Mine aren't skinny (and actually their doctor would probably love me to get less results for you, but nah).

Within 2 weeks you'll get at least $62k worth of services 100% FREE

  • You'll have total peace of mind knowing you've got nothing to lose if we don't blow you away with results - PRICELESS!
  • You'll know your perfect buyer better than anyone, including you, has ever known them before so you can sell them exactly what they want to buy - PRICELESS!
  • You'll know exactly what a perfect buyer is worth long term to your biz - PRICELESS!
  • You'll get a machine that prints money every time you fire it up (aka digital marketing strategy) - PRICELESS!
  • You'll get a sales funnel that attracts unlimited buyers on autopilot - normally costs $30k+
  • You'll get a fully optimized paid traffic campaign to ethically steal your competitors' leads - normally costs $5k+
  • You'll get consulting to create the ultimate "irresistible offer" to persuade your perfect buyer to give you their email address - normally $2k
  • You'll get a marketing action plan tailored specifically for you to get max results on a reasonable budget - normally costs $10k+
  • You'll get consulting to boost your overall brand identity, sales strategy, business operations & more - normally costs $15k+

Ready to get this party started?


Read on to meet your marketing plan tailored just for you ⤵


What's a Derryberry's customer worth?

Apparently $42,700 over 30 years with inflation, according to industry experts. Check out the math and see how it adds up for you but I bet it'll be close. Be thinking about how much it's worth to you to win one new, highly qualified perfect buyer (aka Customer Acquisition Cost). Since our abacus broke the other day, we eventually found our calculator and devised a formula to make sure we are covering our costs so we can stay in business to serve you for a long, long time. We'll both agree on a $ amount that you'll pay us per highly qualified lead or a % of gross sales we help generate. If we don't deliver results, you owe us absolutely nothing.


How will we get Derryberry more perfect buyers?

Here's what Phase 1 of our marketing strategy looks like ⤵


1. Your perfect buyer clicks this ad on Facebook (or your website, or Google, etc.)...


2. Then they see this webpage & claim the limited time offer...


3. BAM! You just got one new customer worth $42,700!

Your perfect buyer will HAPPILY give you their email and phone # to claim the offer. Your staff will get an instant email alert and call the buyer within minutes to schedule the appointment and close the deal while it's still on their mind. Coffee's for closers, you know.

4. How many perfect buyers do you want?

Yikes! This is the part I'm most scared of, to be perfectly honest. "With great power comes great responsibility," according to Voltaire and Spiderman. I wouldn't want to let that bunch down, would you? This marketing strategy has resulted in 100s of perfect customer leads PER DAY! How much is too much? Think of it like a dam – how much can we open it up without totally overwhelming your team? The good news is, unlike traditional print/TV/outdoor advertising, we can turn it down or up instantly and it's all trackable so we KNOW where the best leads are coming from and can go get even more!

5. Make 5x more $ by emailing your customers on autopilot

If you're not regularly selling to your existing customers you're leaving 5x the $ on the table! Breathe, and let that sink in... Now imagine your best salesman ever. What would your biz look like if he was Super Salesman - never slept, never took a weekend or vacation, never turned off his phone, always closing, closing, closing and never asked for a dime? That's the power of email. Email is where real business happens. Think about yourself. Where do you get contracts to sign? Email. Where do you get invoices to pay? Email. Where do your bank statements go to read? Email. Where do you close deals? Email. Where do you communicate with your vendors and customers? Email. Where do businesses send you their latest promotions? Email. Would you believe that email marketing is proven to pay back $44 for every $1 spent? Either did I before I knew better. We'll build an email machine that is smart enough to know who's bought what and what to sell them next.

6. Now we're ready to move on to the really ninja stuff

At this point, we're seeing great results & we're ready to take your biz to the next level. Kind of like those late night infomercials you wake up to at 2am when you forget to turn off the TV after a long day, there's always a shiny new marketing fad popping up that guarantees life-changing "as seen on TV" results. Only a small handful of them can actually slice the tomato after cutting the shoe in half. Leave it to us to pick the best marketing strategies and tools. "Thank you sensei" is all you need to say for all the extra results you wake up to every day.


If you're reading this you're already in the club

There's lots of you and only one of us. Out of everyone who applies, we only accept one client at a time so we can concentrate all our super powers on exploding their biz. Yeah, I guess we're like the marketing Power Rangers (or Voltron, depending on what decade you watched cartoons). If you're reading this we already know enough about your biz to feel confident we can knock it out of the park for you. What I don't know yet is your #1 struggle when it comes to getting more results online and what success looks like. Let's jump on a call so I can learn exactly what you want. I won't even talk, I just want to listen to what's important to you (my therapist taught me that one and it truly works wonders with my wife). I'll invest the $1k that I'd normally make with that time so it's absolutely risk free for you (I wish my therapist did that). And we'll go from there.


Are you ready to explode your sales?


Looking forward to it!

- dy

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