SOCIAL MEDIA WALL: fans 💙 seeing themselves on the big screen! Curated social posts with your hashtag appear live on every screen from mobile phone to lobby TV to Jumbotron.

EVENTS: connect your online social presence with your physical event & engage your guests by displaying social posts with your event hashtag on your venue displays. The constant feed of new posts popping up keeps everyone's attention on your brand. Perfect for promoting sponsors! 

BRANDS: display a curated feed of social posts with your brand hashtag on TVs & point-of-sale digital signs in your stores, restaurants and offices. Capture attention & promote your call to action online & in-store. Run promotions to encourage customers to share your brand on social & get seen by all their social followers! 


√  ENGAGE FANS with contests, Q&A, more
√  BUILD BRAND BUZZ & go viral on social
√  PROMOTE SPONSORS with ads & featured posts


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